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...We are Electric Light Innovation Vision

About us

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Why -us-- ? https://www.eliv.cz/en/46-why-us https://www.eliv.cz/en/46-why-us

We are aware of all needs of the contemporary world and social values. We approach our work responsibly regarding to environmental protection and energy savings.

We will be pleased to prepare an individual solution for you, including possible construction modifications. We could replace your old technologies with new ones, more economical and environmental friendly ones. We will develop an individual program for lighting control and energy management, find the best solution exactly for you and calculate the return on your investment. Because of the cooperation with lots of domestic and foreign partners, we have access to technological innovations and quality products.

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Oddíl Taekwondo, TJ Sokol Hradec Králové www.taekwondohk.cz

Oddíl Rugby League – dětský tým, TJ Slavia Hradec Králové, z.s. https://www.rlcslavia.cz/

TJ SPARTAK Brandýs nad Orlicí www.spartakbrandys.cz

Nadace Charty 77 – Konto Bariéry  https://www.kontobariery.cz/

Certifikát Dobrého anděla www.dobryandel.cz

Nadační fond Kapka Naděje www.kapkanadeje.cz

Nadační fond dětské onkologie KRTEK www.krtek-nf.cz

Fond ohrožených dětí www.fod.cz

Život dětem o.p.s. https://www.zivotdetem.cz/

Centrum Paraple, o.p.s. https://www.paraple.cz/

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